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The Digital Transition Content Security Act (H.R.4569) - or Analog Hole bill - would force every video digitizing device in America to watch for and obey a VEIL watermark, a proprietary signal embedded in video broadcasts. Stop Congress From Mandating This Secret Technology.

Congresswoman Heather Wilson, a New Mexico Republican who chairs the House Subcommittee overseeing the National Security Agency, has just broken ranks with her party, defied Karl Rove, and called for a full Congressional inquiry into the recently-disclosed domestic wiretapping program. We couldn't agree more.

Demand that this administration tell the people the truth about illegal government spying on Americans.

Don't Let Congress Rubberstamp the Wiretaps

Rush Holt's Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act (VCIAA, HR 550) garnered immense support before the session ended. The bill contains several critically important election reforms, including the requirement of a paper audit trail for all electronic voting machines, random audits, and public availability of all code used in elections. HR 550 was reintroduced in February, and it currently has over 130 bipartisan cosponsors.

Congress: Enact Real Lobbying Reform Now!

Tell Your Representative: Support Congressional Inquiry for Impeachment!

McCain Still Trying To Gag Gun Owners From Criticizing His Anti-gun Record. Fight Back

If you had the option to choose channels individually (known as a la carte) instead of having to buy cable and satellite packages like you do today you could lower your monthly bills and gain more control over the programs your family watches. This a la carte system could also allow for more independent and diverse programming because it would break the hold that cable and satellite operators currently have when deciding what packages to market.

It is time to tell Congress that consumers want more channel choice!

ADHD drugs--too much secrecy, not enough action! Tell Congress you want to know why they aren’t making drug safety a priority.

AOL's "email tax" is the first step down a slippery slope that will harm the Internet itself. The Internet is a revolutionary force for free speech, civic organizing, and economic innovation precisely because it is open and accessible to all Internet users equally. On a free and open Internet, small ideas can become big ideas overnight. As Internet advocacy groups, charities, non-profits, businesses, civic organizing groups, and email experts, we ask you to reconsider your pay-to-send proposal and to keep the Internet free.

Help us help you determine whether the TSA told the 9th Circuit the truth. Can you fly without ID? According to what the government told the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in the Gilmore case, you can – you need only submit to secondary screening in order to fly anonymously. Please try doing some or all of your travel by declining to show ID and report back about what happens to you.

AT&T and BellSouth plan to merge into a single colossus. This deal must be stopped. The merger resurrects the Ma Bell monopoly that was busted up in 1984. But it's far worse today. These companies no longer just control telephone calls. They want to become gatekeepers to all digital media -- television, telephone and Internet -- at prices that many Americans can't afford.
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