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There are More than TWO Parties in Amerika

Forwarded from the LPNC list:

If you voted today in the primaries – or even if you didn't – please take a little extra time to gather signatures to get the Libertarian Party back on the ballot.

We still need tens of thousands of signatures to get the party back on the NC ballot. But they can only be gathered one signature at a time. Any number of signatures you can gather will help!

Please go to to print copies of the petition and see useful tips on how to collect signatures and send them in to the party. The polls are the best place to get these signatures because you know everyone there is already registered to vote.

Take note that NC has some of the most draconian ballot access laws in the country, which the REPUBLICRATS use to keep the competition at bay. In order to stay on the ballot each term, 3rd (4th, 5th, etc) parties must collect over 107,000 signatures if they don't catch upwards of 10% of the vote on election day.

This is an help us bring the democratic process into the 21st century!

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about the petition:

* The wording is less vexing this year than previously, but you may still get questions about what level of commitment they are pledging by signing. Please reassure people, if they ask, that signing the petition does not necessarily mean they are a Libertarian. All it means is that they believe in our democratic right to be on the ballot. Signing this petition will not in any way affect their voters' registration, and we will not put them on a mailing list. The only way we use the voter's info is to send it to the county board of elections for verification purposes. Tell people they can and should sign any other party's ballot access petition as well.

* You'll notice the blank space for the name of the county. This is because we must turn our petitions into the various County Boards of Elections for verification. So please make sure people from different counties sign on separate sheets.

* Make certain the address given is where the voter is actually registered to vote. PO Boxes generally don't count, unless the voter is a college student. Be careful that people put down their correct birthdate, not today's date. This is needed for verification, so the Board of Elections knows they signed the petition, instead of us just getting the name out of the phonebook.

If you have any questions, please contact LPNC Ballot Access Director, Bob Ritchie at
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