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ACTIVISM UPDATE (a long while waiting) 10-3-06

The proposals being voted on this week by your Members of Congress are truly frightening. If Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist has his way, we could see a nightmare Big Brother bill that combines a rubber stamp for warrantless domestic spying on phone calls and emails with new torture and detention tactics that would gut the Geneva Conventions by diluting the War Crimes Act, taking away checks on the president's power and staining our nation's legacy as the standard bearer for the protection of human rights. Call Your Members of Congress now to stop these bills.

In yet another election-year tactic, some members of Congress are pushing legislation that would slam shut the courthouse doors to many Americans seeking redress when the government violates their religious freedom. The Public Expression of Religion Act, or PERA (S. 3696 / H.R. 2679), is a mean-spirited bill designed solely to undermine core religious freedom protections of the First Amendment. Tell your Members of Congress to defend First Amendment protections of religious freedom by sending them the message below.

Tell Companies to Stop Advertising on Bus Radio and Channel One!

URGENT: Tell Your Senators to Stop the Surveillance Bills!

Tell Your Senators: Don't Let the White House Legalize Torture

Help Freeze Taxes on Wireless Services!

Send the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) a Public Comment urging it to maintain or even strengthen the existing media ownership rules that prevent big media from getting even bigger. Your comment will help ensure that citizens have a right to hear a variety of viewpoints on publicly-owned airwaves.

Tell Congress to Require Voter-Verified Paper Trail for Voting Machines

The founders of our nation believed that all Americans should have the right to worship according to their own beliefs, or not to worship at all. So strong was their commitment to religious freedom that they enshrined it in the first sentence of the Bill of Rights. YES, add my name to the petition safeguarding separation of church and state and protecting religious liberty.

Senator James Inhofe recently introduced S. 3873, the "Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2006." This bill is identical to the House of Representatives' terrific eminent domain reform bill, H.R. 4128, which has been stuck in the Senate Judiciary Committee since it passed the House last November by an overwhelming majority of 376-38. S. 3873 - which is now the vehicle for eminent domain reform in Congress - will go straight to the floor of the Senate, bypassing the hold-ups other eminent domain bills are encountering in the Senate. However, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist will not put eminent domain reform on the Senate's agenda, effectively prohibiting the Senate from voting on this bill! CONTACT FRIST AND YOUR SENATORS NOW!

Help us stop this assault on due process and our civil liberties by taking action today. E-mail or fax your representatives in Congress and urge them to reject all legislative whitewashes of executive branch lawbreaking.

Urge your Senators to vote NO on H.R. 5252
Frustrated with high cable prices, costly Internet rates and lousy service? It might get even worse if the U.S. Senate passes a bill that will gut important consumer protections and let giant telecommunications companies hinder our access to low-cost, competitive Internet services.

On Sept 23, cops brutally attacked band members and the crowd attending a Human Rights Fest in uptown Charlotte, NC. The event had been going great attracting a multinational crowd of some 200 people. Many people passing by stopped and joined in. The Human Rights Fest featured performances from Dirty South Revolutionaries, Tax Slave, 25 Minutes To Go and Southside Punx. The police forced the permitted event to shut down early. Than dozens of cops charged into the crowd, jumping on people and using tasers on some. One person was beaten by several cops and people were arrested.

Stop the Cheney-Specter Wiretapping Bill

Control over what you see on TV and cable television, hear on the radio, and read in the newspapers is currently in the hands of a few large companies. And this consolidation of power could get worse, if you don't stop it.

Many ultra-wealthy Americans avoid paying $40 billion to $70 billion dollars each year by hiding money in offshore tax shelters. Seven cents of every tax dollar that you pay goes to make up for these missing funds.
Tell Congress to close loopholes that allow some super-rich Americans to avoid taxes by hiding money in offshore tax havens.

Help Taxpayers "Google" Federal Spending' and Shed the Light on Big Govco Spending. Tell Senate to Support New Search Engine

Free-Fax Your Senators: Don't Legalize Warrantless Wiretapping!

The Senate is moving forward on important telecommunications reform legislation. Part of this bill will help stop hundreds of new taxes, laws and regulations on wireless in cities and states across the country. Today, these conflicting rules threaten to delay wireless innovation, reduce consumer choice and increase consumer costs. Help stop unfair and unnecessary state taxes, laws and regulations on wireless by asking your Senators to support the Senate Communications Bill. Take action now!

Stop Illegal Immigration - Copy Mexico's Policy
Tell Congress to Support the "U.S. General Population Act"

The Internet brings you unrestricted access to information, low-cost services, and innovative new products. You go where you want, buy what you want, and use the services you choose. As long has you have an Internet connection, the Internet can take you where you want to go. Until now. The Senate Commerce Committee will soon vote on a bill that will allow cable and telephone companies to put tollbooths and speed bumps on the Internet, preventing you from buying services that compete with their own! But right now, other legislation is pending that could stop them in their tracks and keep the Internet open and free, but only if your Senator hears from you. Tell your Senators to prevent big telephone and cable companies from blocking or slowing your access to Internet services offered by their competitors!

Tell the Senate to Vote to End the War

Tell the Federal Communications Commission to Get the Spies Off the Line

On May 1st, Senator Stevens introduced the "Communications, Consumer's Choice, and Broadband Deployment Act" (S.2686). Buried inside this 125 page bill is language that would create a broadcast flag in over-the-air TV transmissions, and give the FCC power to create a similar technology mandate for digital radio. Tell Your Senators to Kick Out the Flags.

Tell Your Senators: Safeguard Election Oversight
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